Nazgul Evoque is the best FPV quad iFlight has ever made

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Der Titel lautet: Nazgul Evoque is the best FPV quad iFlight has ever made
Datum: September 23, 2021 at 06:31PM

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0:00 – Intro and commercial disclosure
3:42 – Unboxing. iFlight has made it easy for beginners to get started.
5:42 – It lights up! LED side panels!
6:53 – Motors: why iFlight Xing2 are some of the best
7:39 – How much does it weigh?
9:45 – Even the screws have attention to detail!
10:39 – One disadvantage of the side plates: ease of access
11:35 – Can I blow up the 20mm ESC?
13:13 – F7 flight controller is full featured with good documentation

iFlight Google Drive with wiring diagrams, CLI dumps, manuals, and more:
iFlight helpdesk for support requests:

14:05 – XT60 plug is integrated into the frame
15:07 – Why I don’t think the GPS unit upgrade is really worth it
16:44 – vTX output power basically checks out
17:21 – Things I would change about the Betaflight configuration – My „all modes one aux channel“ tutorial

20:31 – GPS lock time test
21:18 – Flight test
27:16 – Conclusion: should you buy it?

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